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19-Sep-2017 15:31 By: Administrator
To Grant Anderson:

I thought I explained the use in the first paragraph on the home page, but perhaps because this system is targeted primarily at web application developers, I made an assumption that the reason was almost self-explanatory to everyone else, which may not be the case (may be too "technical"), so I'll try to re-phrase:
Say you have an advanced e-commerce website. This is not one of those out-of-the box sites built on some popular CMS "engine" like World Press + out-of-the-box shopping basket. This is a custom-made system with a relational database behind it. Every piece of data on the site pages is part of a common well-ordered schema (product categories, products, etc.). So far so good - you don't need CMS of any sort, because your pages are based on templates with data being entered into database by data-entry clerks in some sort of intranet administrative system. Now, your website is a thriving business, so you have marketing people coming up with initiative - a promo on the home page for example. This is obviously out of the data schema, being completely ad hoc thing. Now your web masters need to modify a home page. If this happens once in a while - no problem - it's a 5 minute work But then they come up with some modifications of shipping policies. Then there is another promo on product category pages. Then promo on the home page needs to be changed again because of holiday sales coming. Now it becomes a bit too annoying for front end developers. They can't make all these changes part of the schema for exact reason they aren't structured in any way. From systematic point of view they're almost random. Here comes a need for some sort of CMS. However, if you examine leading CMS systems, they all tend to be so called "engines" meaning that they define structure for entire website. This is not what you want, because you already have your structure. All you need is an easy way of adding ad-hoc content to certain "boxes" on your website with minimal development effort. That's exactly what TBCMS does. The details on how exactly it is done are explained at length in the PDF manual. I admit it's no easy reading, but then again - the primary target are web development specialists.

I hope this helps. Thanks for the interest in TBCMS.

14-Sep-2017 21:31 By: Grant Anderson
You don't really lay out how to use this...And why it's better. Use cases and situations are needed. I've read all the documentation and specs and I stil don't know what the benefits are and why I would want to use this.

04-Jun-2017 14:39 By: Administrator
Please fill free to ask any questions about TB CMS.